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Dr. Brenda J. Little Essays - Electrochemistry, Free Essays

Dr. Brenda J. Little Essays - Electrochemistry, Free Essays Dr. Brenda J. Little Dr. Brenda J. Little of the Naval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center is the beneficiary of the 1995 Ladies in Science and Engineering Award. This honor perceives explicit or extraordinary logical or specialized commitments by a lady researcher in the Government administration and explicit commitments made by a lady researcher toward empowering little youngsters and ladies to seek after science or building professions, or upgrade work, limited time or advancement open doors for ladies researchers in their field. Dr. Little, leader of the Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion Section at NRL, has taken a shot at MIC ventures for the Department of Energy and the U. S. Armed force, and has filled in as a specialist to the U. S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Atomic Energy Laboratory of Canada. Notwithstanding her achievements in fundamental exploration, Dr. Little likewise chips away at U. S. Naval force stages to recognize and control MIC. Her examination has been utilized to decide the reason for erosion disappointments in weapons frameworks, seawater channeling frameworks, stockpiling tanks and other U. S. Naval force gear. She is as of now examining parasitic developments on wooden spools and consumption of wire ropes used to move individuals and weapons between ships. In 1988 Dr. Minimal got a patent honor for a creative double cell erosion estimating gadget, the main distributed strategy for measuring the electrochemical effect of microorganisms on metal surfaces. In 1985 she was chosen by the National Science Foundation as one of eight American Scientists to go to a workshop on biodeterioration in La Plata, Argentina, and to go to a comparative NSF workshop in Paris, France in 1988. Dr. Little is a subordinate educator at the University of Southern Mississippi and Montana State University, what's more, has community oriented exploration with specialists at Harvard University, University of Southern California, College of South Alabama, University of Tennessee, Texas A&M University, Naval Surface Warfare Focus, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The Singing River Chapter of the American Business Women's Association chose Dr. Little as one of the ten 1990 Women of the Year on the Gulf Coast for her interest in programs for ladies in science and innovation. She has been keynote speaker for a few Women in Science and Technology Conferences for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, has taken an interest in profession day programs supported by the Young lady Scouts Chapters of Mississippi, and has introduced addresses at respects classes in science and science also, nearby schools. She is an individual from the American Chemical Society, the Adhesion Society, the Electrochemical Society, the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Sigma Xi, Federally Employed Women, and the Mississippi Academy of Science. She has served the Gulf Coast Chapter of Sigma Xi as secretary, president-elect, president and past president. Notwithstanding various execution grants, Dr. Little was chosen for's Who in Technology Today and American Men and Women in Science in 1986, got NRL distributions grants in 1981 what's more, 1986, got a development grant and Best NRL Patent Award for 1989, and the NRL Alan Berman Exploration Publication Award in 1994.

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Stonehenge Essays (983 words) - Henges, Durrington Walls, Stonehenge

Stonehenge Whalon Herbert Human sciences 108 17 November 2000 Dr. Ringle, Professor Stonehenge is no ifs, ands or buts the most fascinating landmark with regards to Europe. The ring of stones remaining in the open inconceivability of Salisbury Plain is a suggestive picture of miracle and riddle. (Scarre, 130) Stonehenge is both customary and interesting in Britain beautiful history. It is conventional in that it falls inside an entire class of landmarks portrayed by round banks and dump, or by rings of standing stones. Its uniqueness is inundated inside the size of the stones, the unpredictability of their game plan, and the adjusting of the lintels on the uprights. There are three other significant landmarks in Britain, and keeping in mind that they dont get a similar thought as Stonehenge, they also tempt a lot of examination. While the remarkable qualities of Stonehenge just assistance to strengthen its wonder, the ambiguities of its goal suggest conversation starters that today are still not replied. This paper will talk about monumentality as it analyzes to the four significant henge walled in areas in Britain. The landmarks, to be specific Stonehenge, Avebury, Marden, and Durrington Walls, will be utilized related to talking about what purposes landmarks can serve, just as what the remaining parts of a site can enlighten us regarding the way of life of a general public. Avebury The most popular neighbor of Stonehenge, the Great Circles at Avebury, was worked between c. 2,500 and 2,200 BC. Together the two locales delineate two significant general qualities of the way of life of the Bronze Age: the huge scope and self-assured perspective on keeps an eye on relationship with nature and the practically hyper industriousness of a people held by a fixation. (Castleden, 93) The Avebury site comprises of 2 enormous stone circles inside the casing of a bigger circle traversing twenty-eight and a half sections of land. The stones of Avebury are noteworthy in two different ways. They appear to have been molded normally with no tooled dressing, for example, recognized the later Stonehenge stones, and they appear to have been put on the other hand in two fundamental shapes-tall with vertical sides, and wide, diamonded formed. (Hawkins, 83) It is believed that these two shapes represented the male and female standards and that their cautious determination and rotation s how that the manufacturers regarded some fruitfulness faction. It has likewise been contemplated that Avebury was the most significant sanctuary meeting place in the zone and presumably in the entire British Isles, until Stonehenge outperformed it. The wellspring of the colossal stone sarsens was site 17 miles south of Avebury. Despite the fact that they were at that point framed generally, they were half covered in soil, so the main undertaking was to switch them out onto sledges utilizing timber pillars. Creativity of this gauge shows the proficiency of the perspectives engaged with the development of Avebury. Indeed, even factors like erosion were considered. Durrington Walls The enormous round earthwork arranged north of the town of Amesbury in south Wiltshire, England has been one of the more ignored ancient landmarks, eclipsed by the visual effect of Stonehenge. An ancient stately circle, Durrington Walls was most likely shaped during the last frigid scene, between around 30,000 to 50,000 years prior. The bank that Durrington Walls is based on reveals to us much about the land in that piece of Britain. On the highest point of the dirt and entering for a separation of around 7 cm is a rich yet limited store of decline which delivered stoneware of before Neolithic sort, rocks, bones, and charcoal. (Wainwright, 54) These things delivered a radiocarbon date of 2450 BC. The ecological proof, in light of an examination of the dirt profile protected underneath the bank of the walled in area and on an investigation of land snails and dust from the dirts, shows a particular period of ancient forest leeway and conceivable development preceding the development of the fenced in area. (Wainwright, 54) The disclosure of more ceramics, stone devices, bone, and prong gives a lot of knowledge with respect to what assets were accessible to ranchers and developers of this period. Their bounty and dispersion, particularly in the trench encompassing the Walls shows how devices were usually utilized and disposed of. The shifting measure of ancient rarities found at various areas signifies that provisions were not generally in such plenitude that they could generally be disposed of freely. Unmistakably the exertion spoke to in the development of Avebury

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Digital Crime Scenario

Advanced Crime Scenario Acquaintance According with the insight administration, online extortion has been the most normally utilized sort of advanced wrongdoing. Notwithstanding that, they have discharged a report that says that one out of each ten clients of the web has one after another or the other been a casualty of the online fraudsters who act like customers or venders or product (Harkins, 2011). This incited the administration to make a site where one can have the option to report any frequencies of web based fraud.Advertising We will compose a custom report test on Digital Crime Scenario explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Thesis Statement regarding the given inquiry, this paper will a situation that subtleties of a computerized online extortion and will likewise give the particular detail of the misrepresentation. Situation of an online extortion A generally excellent case of an online misrepresentation is the place web clients succumb to the rebel security programming that is fo und over the web. This kind of programming is utilized to fool the web client into purchasing and introducing a phony antivirus which in term assumes control over the activities of the PC (Harkins, 2011). This rebel security programming can show up on a site as a commercial which in more often than not educates that web client regarding their success for being a guest to the site and once it has been clicked it naturally introduces itself into the working arrangement of the PC (Bird, 2011). The site will at that point show an admonition of an infection in the PC working framework and will at that point urge the web client to purchase and introduce an antivirus that they have. The web client will feel free to purchase the antivirus without understanding that it's anything but a real antivirus. The antivirus then introduces its parts into the PC which may show up in numerous structures. When the segments have been introduced, the site will keep on alarming the web client of progressiv ely malignant segments and will bait the web client into paying for additional administrations. The segments will at that point incapacitate a portion of the parts that are engaged with the uninstalling of the malware in order to prevent the client from having the option to uninstall the segments that are in the working framework (Bryant, 2008). The engineers of this maverick security programming will play with the web user’s psyche to have the option to make him/her compensation for administrations utilizing his/her charge cards yet nothing is being done to fix the circumstance. This sort of misrepresentation represent half of the web ad that are seen every day and this gives a more probable possibility for web clients to have the option to fall into the snares of the web fraudsters.Advertising Looking for report on software engineering? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More These designers make an issue for the web clien t who taps on the phony ads that are shown on sites and from there on charge him/her bunches of cash in order to ready to fix the difficult which isn't what they will do. They rather keep making more issues for the web client and keep tricking him/her into paying for the administrations of attempting to expel the malware that has been introduced into the working arrangement of the PC (Thorsteinson, 2009). All in all, for the designers of the maverick security programming to have the option to bait the web clients into their snares, they are making a promotion that illuminates that web client regarding a success from visiting the site and after he/she has snap of the success, malware is naturally introduced into his/her PC along these lines allowing to the engineer to charge the web client for the administrations of evacuating the malware. References Bird, R. (2011). CyberLaw: Text and Cases, Oklahoma, OK: Cengage Learning. Bryant, R. (2008). Exploring Digital Crime, London, UK: Oxfo rd University Press. Harkins, B. (2011). Rebel Software. London, UK: John Wiley and Sons. Thorsteinson, P. (2009). Net Security and Cryptography, New York, NY: Sage.

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Hillary Clinton Is A Female Figure - Free Essay Example

Hillary Clinton is a female figure and is well known around the world. Hillary Clinton is married to former US President Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton is an American politician, and served as the First lady, from 1993 to 2001. Clinton (Hillary) also served from 2001 to 2009, as the Junior US Senator for the state of New York . In addition , Clinton was also the 67th United States Secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. Hillary Clinton ran for presidency twice in the last decade, and lost in both elections. Clinton lost to former president Barack Obama and lost to current president Donald Trump. In both occurrences she won the majority of popular votes but was over passed in the delegate votes. Hillary clinton is known as a Democrat but it wasnt always that way. Hillary Clinton was at one point a Republican, campaigning for Barry Goldwater in 1964. Clinton ended up switching parties in 1968, and went on to work for Democratic nominee, George McGovern in 1972 and Jimmy Carter in 1976. Hillary Clinton is a very well rounded person , sharing many different traits such as knowledge and experience in law, politics, factory working, being nominated and receiving a grammy, journalism, and creative writing. Hillary Clinton has an arsenal of books written by her. Such as, Hard Choices, Living History, An Invitation to the White House: At Home with History, Dear Socks, Dear Buddy: Kids Letters to the First Pets, It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us, The Unique Voice of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and What now ?. Although only 3 of all the books mentioned were best sellers, its still impressive to have 7 books under her belt even though she isnt an established Writer. One book in particular , What Now ?, caught my attention because Clinton describes the outcomes and the life after her loss in the presidential election. She describes many different ways on how she coped with the reality and pain that the presidential loss brought to her. Clinton shows off her different styles of writing from bibliographies to childrens books. Hillary Diane Rodham was born on October 26, 1947. Hillary Clinton is the big sister of two younger brothers, she was raised in the middle class neighborhood of Park Ridge ,just outside of Chicago Illinois . Coming from humble beginnings ,Hillarys childhood was the picture of the American Family. Her mother ,Dorothy Rodham , was a homemaker and her father, Hugh Rodham, designed and sold drapes. Despite Hillary coming from a republican household and one with traditional views, her parents both decided that their daughter was too intelligent to and too ambitious to be held back and live a mediocre life. Or for anyone to say that she couldnt do something because she was a girl. Outside of being a normal kid involved in various sports such as softball , and swimming. Hillary became obsessed with politics and this was an interest that would be encouraged and fostered by her father. Between Girl Scout meetings , the student council, and the school newspaper at Maine East High, Hillary was volunteering in political campaigns. At the age of 13 she followed the 1960 U.S. presidential election very close, Hillary uncovered evidence of electoral fraud against republican candidate Richard Nixon. She got to action , getting the word out campaigning anyway that she could, but later on in her career this would be a guys mess should have to clean up. In Hillarys late teens she found that her childhood supportive Republican party did not pair well with her developing involvement in civil rights and anti-war movements. Midway through her degree at Wellesley College Hillary decided to switch teams and become a democrat. Pursuing her interest in politics and Justice Hillary Clinton decided to sign up for Yale Law School in 1971 and there she would become friends with a man named Bill Clinton, who will later go on to become the 42nd US president.

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Management and Employees - 2505 Words

Chapter 1 What human resource management-related steps did siegel take to help get Tyco back on the right track? Do you think she took the appropriate steps? What, if anything, do you suggest she do now? Laurie Siegel was recruited from Honeywell international to help rebuild Tyco. Laurie siegel was appointed as the senior vice president of the human resources at Tyco international; she took over the job just after numerous charges forced the company’s previous board of directors and top executives to leave the firm. The following are the related steps seigel took to help get Tyco back on the right track: 1. Effective recruitment and selection process: Since in Tyco due to the recent account scandal most of its top management and†¦show more content†¦Workings individually or in the groups, compile a list of potentially discriminatory management practices you should avoid. The potentially list of discriminatory practices which should be avoided are as follows: 1. The information about the job opening should be made available in all open forums, the existing employees and future prospective employees should be easily able to access the information about the job openings. We should avoid word of mouth and publish the information about job opening in internet, intranet, print and other media. 2. We should avoid giving misleading information or any false information on work opportunities or procedures for obtaining them. 3. Any type of favourism should be avoided either during recruitment, supervising or promoting an employee. No employee or prospective candidates should be discriminated based on age, race, religion, sex. 4. Avoid giving preference to any employee or candidate as they are close to you or because they are your friends or relatives, this practice should be strictly avoided. 5. Make sure that the supervisors, management, employees don’t have any policies which are not abiding by the law of the land and that all of them are following the policies formulated. 6. Any inherent bias or discrimination if being found to be done proper remedial action should be taken so that employees haveShow MoreRelatedManagement And Management Of Monitoring Employees846 Words   |  4 PagesA managers are individuals that disseminate task, information to their employees, and monitors their work to verify that the job is being done efficiently. Besides monitoring employees, one of their main goal are to ensure that the company is earning the largest possible revenue in order to pay their employees, other expenses, and to net a profit so that money can also be saved for a â€Å"rainy days†. For example, buying or repairing of equipment or dealing with civil law suits. According to Robbin CoulterRead MoreManagement Performance Evaluation Of Employees963 Words   |  4 PagesManagers’s play a huge role in performance evaluation of employees. There are several factors that contribute to how managers assess performance evaluation, these components are orientation, training, development, feedback, and annual performance appraisals (). Human Resource managers are important to the performance appraisal process, because they make sure that the appraisal is fair, detailed, and the managers are handling the appraisals professionally(). In order to properly ensure that the performanceRead MoreThe Management Hierarchy Of Female Employees1274 Words   |  6 PagesAs a CEO, I sit at the top of the management hierarchy, but still report to the board of directors. The board of directors has the power to evaluate my performance, set my compensation, overturn my strategy, and make other decisions. 2. First challenge 2.1 Diversity One of the primary challenges is that female employees in a number of our branch offices have informally complained that our organization has more men than women in management positions. We can describe this challenge is workforce diversityRead MoreManagement And Organization : Key Employees1200 Words   |  5 PagesManagement and Organization: Key Employees: Store Manager/Salesperson – Qualifications/Responsibilities: Forever Young will hire one full-time employee to act as the store manager and lead salesperson. In terms of personal traits, this person will be highly motivated and independently make certain decisions as a team member. This person will have a college degree and possess emotional intelligence. This will allow them to have great communication skills, to be personable, approachable, and capableRead MoreEffective Management And Leadership Of Employees1424 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Change management is vital in a work environment that is constantly evolving. It involves the application of the appropriate planning, skills, and procedures to effectively implement change and achieve its successful adoption. Every manager should have such skills to understand how to manage change, solve employee resistance to change, and how to ensure ownership of company’s goals by the employees (Kotter, 1995). Effective management and leadership of employees are crucial to the accomplishmentRead MoreManagement Challenge of Motivating Employees2211 Words   |  9 Pagesof the major challenges management faces is motivatingemployees to do their best at work. Successful organizations have motivatedand enthusiastic employees. In this paper I will summarize three articles I’ve found in Harvard Business Review and relate them to chapter 16 from our text on motivation. In this summary I will show the relationship between a motivated workforce and corporate performances. I will then apply the concepts from the articles and the text to management in a personal organizationalRead MoreRisk Management Program For New Employees1144 Words   |  5 PagesThe risk management program in any business, especially in a health care organization is an integral part of its day to day operation. The purpose of the risk management department is summed up by Kavaler Alexander (2014), â€Å"†¦a progr am designed to reduce the incidence of preventable accidents and injuries to minimize the financial loss to the institution should any accident or injury occur† (p. 5). Protecting employees, patients, vendors and visitors is an ongoing process and one that needs toRead MoreThe Needs Of Employees And Various Types Of Management927 Words   |  4 Pages Employee Motivation Stephanie Nix American Public University â€Æ' Executive Summary This is an essay on two different theories and how they outline the needs of employees and various types of management. The relationship between motivation and success in groups and organizations will be analyzed. Employee Motivation Motivation is a state of mind, desire, energy or interest that translates into action. (Nahavandi, Denhardt, Aristigueta 2015). An employee’s willingness toRead MorePerformance Management : Effective And Support Employees Essay1463 Words   |  6 PagesPerformance management aims to manage and improve individual performance with a vision to improving performance across the entire business. (Walter. M, 1995) defines performance management as the process of â€Å"Directing and supporting employees to work as effectively and efficiently as possible in line with the needs of the organisation†. It is very important to direct and support employees to work efficiently, and this can only be successful if a well-structured performance management system is putRead MoreIndividual And Group Behaviour Management Of Employees1520 Words   |  7 PagesIndividual and group behaviour management of employees Task 1 Organisational structure and culture Organisations have different structures and cultures according to their needs to achieve their goals and objectives. Functional Structure Functional structure is made up so that each part of the organisation is grouped according to its purpose. There may be several different departments such as, marketing department, a sales department and a production department. Each department could have their

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Editing, Cinematography, and Sound in Gladiator Essay...

Editing, Cinematography, and Sound in Gladiator The film that I have chosen to analyse is Gladiator. I have chosen to analyse the scene where the gladiators are battling in the Middle East. The scene contains many features and editing techniques which make the fight sequence exciting and thrilling. The scene begins with a medium high angle shot of a goat with blood dripping down its body. This shot frames the body of the goat and gives it a sense of vulnerability. The shot creates meaning to the viewer who can predict that the scene might contain violence or bloodshed of some sort. The camera then zooms outward into an establishing shot to give the viewer an idea of the setting. The mise en†¦show more content†¦The lighting is very low key and most of the light filters from the roof, overhead. The overhead lighting dominates the gladiatorÂ’s faces and brings out their facial features. This effect shows the faces of the gladiatorÂ’s and their anticipation of the battle which is about to commence. Non diegetic orchestral music starts to begin once more building the tension. The camera then cuts into a close up of every gladiator whilst moving slowly to the side where it stops and gives us a side view shot of the gladiatorÂ’s showing in detail their facial expressions. This is where the dialogue of the main character begins and the camera moves slowly to a medium low angle shot, thus giving the character a sense of authority. The character speaks slowly and when he accentuates an important point the camera moves to a close up of the main character of the film (Russell Crowe), showing the viewer his feelings and his anticipation. In the background there is the external diegetic sound of the crowd chanting, kill, kill, kill. This along with the orchestral music sounds like a heart beat as there is a short pause between every chant. Again the heart beat sound reiterates the anticipation of the gladiators; this is effective as it makes the scene more exciting and exhilarati ng to watch. The mimic of the heart beat and chanting are

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How Am I Different From You free essay sample

I was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at six years old. It was a struggle both before and after the diagnosis. For people who do not know what Tourette syndrome is, it’s a neurological disorder that causes me to make loud sounds, have spasms and say or do things that I don’t mean. For example, I grew up with a tic that I rolled my eyes at people. A tic is the movement or noise that occurs when someone has Tourette syndrome. Before I was diagnosed, the eye-rolling tic was the hardest to understand. I was four years old when I started showing symptoms of Tourette syndrome. Therefore, I could not comprehend why rolling your eyes was so disrespectful. In fact, my dad yelled at me all the time because I would roll my eyes at him. I could not control it, but my dad did not seem to understand. We will write a custom essay sample on How Am I Different From You? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page My mom however, knew what I was going through because Tourette syndrome is genetic, and it was going through her side of the family. Honestly, if I was born into a different family, one without Tourette syndrome, I do not know if I would make it. Tourette syndrome makes me who I am. In kindergarten, everybody disliked the teacher. Even the kids that did not have her thought she was mean. However, before long, I got to know her and something about her made me like her a lot more than the other children did. At parent teacher conferences, my mom and dad met my first teacher, and she suggested we go see a neurologist because I had been â€Å"twitching.† That is what she called it: twitching. I remember the word she used because yes, it was a twitch, but she did not know what else to call it. Once I learned that it was not a twitch, it was a â€Å"tic,† I became religious in calling it a tic. Anyway, my parents had never heard of Tourette syndrome before, as not many people do. But my pediatric neurologist had told my mom only of the horror stories of Tourette syndrome. My mom was so frightened by these stories that once she got home she lied down and cried. To this day, I hate seeing my mom cry, especially because she was so scared by the doctor that she did not want to live with it. After all, she lived with it alone for her entire life. Her parents did not know what it was, because she would always hide it. My mom did not want that for me. So instead of leaving it as it was, my mom put me on medications to decrease my symptoms, making school, home, church†¦everything better for me. It was medicine after medicine up until I turned 16 years old. I think this was the hardest part because of all of the different side effects that come with every medication. One medicine, Haldol, turned me into a zombie. The next medicine, Risperdal, made me gain thirty pounds in about a year which is a lot especially for a ten year old. These side effects were horrific, and caused so many internal and external changes. But overall, I am still unique. I am my own person because I have Tourette syndrome. I do not know where I would be without it. Growing up with Tourette syndrome is definitely a struggle, but inclusively, it has made me who I really am My mom always tells me how compassionate I am, and that she thinks if I did not have Tourette syndrome, it would be completely different. I hate it sometimes, but my Tourette syndrome gets me through the day. At the end of the day, I know what truly makes me who I am. I do not think anybody else could have expressed the same feelings as me because everybody’s story is different, especially mine.